地元大阪の様々な大型ナイトクラブにてRegular Partyに出演し”DAIKI”と言う名を広げる。
Dance Musicに影響され,Electro Houseを軸にHOUSE,TRAP,DUBSTEP,POPS,HIP HOPなど 幅広い選曲で魅了し続けてきた。

2016年5月。Sound Producer名義”GDY”にて活動を再始動。
大型フェスや全国大型ナイトクラブでの活躍はもちろん,Producerとして 新曲”Steal(Original Mix)”を発表。

今後Sound ProducerやDJとしてさらに注目されるであろう。

"GDY" started his DJ career in 2009.
He was known as "DAIKI" before and appeared in regular parties in various large nightclubs in Osaka.

He is very passionate about Dance Music and wide range of Hip hop music based on Electro House, Trap, Dubstep, and Pops.

In May 2016, he reappeared as the Sound Producer "GDY".
He produced and launched his new song "Steal (Original Mix)" that received a huge success in large-scale festivals and large nightclubs nationwide.

You will witness the launching of a new music scene, developed based on abundant international and professional playstyle.
"GDY" is our future top sound producer and DJ.