“Music Circus"など大型フェスや北海道から沖縄まで全国大型ナイトクラブでのGUEST出演はもちろん, オリジナルトラック”Steal(Original Mix)”を発表。

2017年にはアメリカのReggaeシンガー"Collie Buddz”の名曲”Come Around -S4L&GDY Remix-“を発表。
Redbull Thre3style 2016 World Championに輝いた”DJ Puffy”など多くのアーティストからサポートを受ける。

さらに”Major Lazer - No Know Better”をRemixし, 全世界のDJが利用するRecord Pool "DJCITY”にて2曲連続で配信される。
また、オリジナルトラックもリリースしておりドイツ”CLUBTRXX”より”Coolio (Original Mix)”を発売し,beatportチャート最高67位を記録。
また,12月にはアメリカ”Peak Hour Music”より”Get Started (Original Mix)"を発売し,beatportチャート最高28位を記録。

“Juicy M”や”Exodus”など多くのアーティストからサポートされている。
海外でのDJ出演も経験しており 今後もSound ProducerやDJとしてさらに注目されるであろう。

GDY has started DJ career in 2009. He appeared in various large nightclubs mainly in Osaka city.
Started as a Producer from the year 2016.

Performed to one of the large festivals in the country such as "Music Circus".
Other than his main area, he appeared at the nationwide large nightclub nationwide from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

He released original track "Steal (Original Mix)" in 2017 and announced the masterpiece of America's Reggae singer Collie Buddz's song, "Come Around -S4L & GDY Remix-". Redbull Thre3style 2016 World champion "DJ Puffy" and many artists support those songs.

Furthermore, he has a remix of "Major Lazer - No Know Better", those songs are continuously at the Record Pool "DJCITY" used by DJs all over the world. Recently, GDY has released original tracks "Coolio (Original Mix)" from Germany label "CLUBTRXX" and recorded as the highest 67th in the beatport chart, he also released "Get Started (Original Mix)" from the United States label "Peak Hour Music" and recorded as top 28 beatport charts.

Those are supported by many artists such as "Juicy M" and "Exodus".

GDY has also experienced overseas DJ exposures which makes him more interesting as Sound Producer and DJ…

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